As standard, Terrain's SME health and safety consultancy services clients receive:

  • Terrain will act as your Health & Safety Competent Person
  • A comprehensive and compliant Policy and Handbook, bespoke for your business
  • A General Risk Assessment & Action Plan
  • Certificates to display and use for clients etc
  • A Fire Risk Assessment
  • A Disability Access Assessment
  • Our Helpline for 24/7 support and regular visits from your dedicated Consultant
  • Great service, always
  • We specialise in small businesses 
health and safety for small businesses

Terrain Services for Smaller businesses

Even if you have fewer than 5 employees, your organisation still has a legal responsibility to look after health & safety. As a small business owner,you can't justify (or afford!) a full-time person to keep you legal and safe.Terrain can do that for you - at a realistic monthly cost. 


So why Terrain?


With Terrain, you'll always deal with a dedicated, highly-qualified and experienced health & safety expert. We've been in the market for a long time, and here's a few complaints we hear regularly about other health and safety providers:-


  • We never see the same person twice! - work with Terrain and you'll have your own dedicated consultant. We don't have a call centre full of "experts' working from a script. We'll be there for you, on your site, when you need us. 
  • We end up doing all the work ourselves! - Terrain are part of your business - we don't just give you a standard audit and walk away - we'll help you every step of the way
  • We just end up with a software package! -Some health & safety companies just send you some software to complete, and you never see a real person - We think that's appalling, we take time to build a relationship with you, and make sure you have everything you need. 
  • It costs a fortune! - Not with Terrain. We give the same standard of service to our SME clients as we do to some of the world's best known companies. As an idea, the majority of our smaller clients pay under £100 per month - incredible value for the service we provide 
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