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Let terrain look after your display screen equipment safety

Terrain complete expert DSE assessments

Just about everyone uses DSE one way or another. When your staff use it for more than around an hour a day, you need to make sure they are kept safe and well - sitting at a screen may seem like an easy job, but, like driving a car, using DSE needs a lot of concentration, dexterity, good vision and a reasonable atmosphere.

Terrain are real experts in managing display screen equipment safety, we use a health and safety software package which minimises the effort and maximises the results. There's no paper, all training and assessments are recorded and it doesn't cost a fortune.

We visit many companies who make managing DSE very hard work - and all that time is money off your bottom line.  Let Terrain sort DSE health and  safety for you. 


A poorly equipped and arranged work station is a major contributing factor in the development of many work-related upper limb disorders (WRULDs). Conditions can be both short and long term and cause avoidable pain, discomfort and stress. Other symptoms include temporary eyestrain and headaches, and fatigue.

Terrain completes hundreds of workstation assessments every year, providing expert guidance and pragmatic solutions to keep computer users happy and healthy. We work closely with ergonomists and assistive technology suppliers to make sure our inputs really make a difference. Your team will benefit from a more comfortable workstation, less stress and fewer days off sick. What's not to like?